About me

Born and raised in beautiful Twente, I went abroad with my husband after my Public Administration studies. His foreign career started in England followed by periods in Spain, Italy and South Africa.


All together, a period of 16 years abroad, in which, in addition to raising our 4 children and intensely enjoying the different countries & cultures, I invested a lot of time in studying & researching the different lifestyles.


I thought it was great to see how different people in Spain 'live' life compared to us Dutch people. The main difference I noticed is that in the Netherlands people really live to work while people in Spain work to live. It was very impressive to see how in South Africa, the inhabitants of townships with so little possession can still live well and really enjoy living in the moment. It was fascinating to see how the pub culture is anchored in England and how strong the need to escape the frenzy of the day is there. Every culture, every country brought me a new perspective, a new consciousness, a new outlook on life.


Partly because of living together with top athletes, it has been clear to me for a long time how important the connection between body and mind is. If one of the two does not function optimally, it will have a negative effect on the other. This is immediately visible in the world of sports. My interest in the self-healing ability, the connection between mind & body and a holistic approach to health grew. During our foreign adventure I started to delve into everything that has to do with health and the self-healing capacity. Nutrition, exercise, relaxation, sleep and so on.


With a busy family and many relocations, I know better than anyone how difficult it can sometimes be to keep the balance. My own voyage of discovery has taught me a lot in this area and by making adjustments in nutrition, exercise and relaxation I know how to keep the balance. My body warns when there is an imbalance and by listening to it I find the balance again.

My personal motivation is to guide people who experience a certain imbalance (physical or mental) so that they get back into balance with the help of their self-healing ability.
When we moved to the Netherlands 5 years ago, I decided to follow various courses in this area so that I could also guide other people (and not just my own family).


I now have my own practice where I successfully coach & treat many different people with very different problems. People with mental challenges, but certainly also physical ones, for example a boy who plays for the youth of a professional football club who was struggling to recover from an injury. After two treatments he was fit again and back on the field.


Would you also like to learn how to balance mind and body & how the power of self-healing capacity works? I would be happy to help you.

Relevant training and courses

Academy for Holistic Coaching (2015-2016)

2-year coaching training to become a holistic lifestyle coach at HBO level.

NOGG (2019 en 2020)

* Basic medical knowledge

* Stress and Burnout

SensiTherapy and further training Sensi-Plus (2017-2019)

Civas (2014 en 2020)

* Stress Counseling
* Mindfulness based cognitive therapy

My vision

Body and mind continuously influence each other, but we are not always aware of this. There is increasing scientific evidence that body and mind are inseparable, as are your brain and intestines.

My passion is helping people to become aware of this connection so that they can activate their self-healing capacity.
I am convinced that by understanding your own patterns and learning to listen carefully to your body you will help yourself enormously to be and stay vital and happy. I am happy to help you with this!


Judith Ardesch Coaching, KVK 80313582

The practice is located in Hilversum

Mail to contact@judithardesch.nl

Whatsapp or call 06-46161954

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